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Join us for "MACKAY'S BIGGEST BOOTCAMP" on 18th May, 2014 and
Make A Difference for Make-A-Wish Australia!
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For a small donation of $5.00 you can participate in a Fun Group Fitness Session held at Stadium Mackay, suitable for all of the family!!


But first, "MACKAY'S BIGGEST BOOTCAMP" will kick off with a Charity Challenge Event where the Mackay Police and Firemen will go head-to-head in the 'Pushups for Charity' Challenge!


If you are a Regular 'Joe' or 'Jane' then join our team of "Average Joes" and you too, can make a difference!!

All Pushups for Charity Participants AND all Sponsors Who Make A Donation To Make-A-Wish Foundation Will Receive A Complete Home Fitness & Weight Loss System from Australia's Leading Experts... for FREE! 

Lock it in your diary NOW!
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Who Will Win the Mackay "Pushups for Charity" Challenge?

Mackay Fire Fighters               Mackay Regular Joes and Janes               Mackay Police Officers


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Join our team of Regular Joes

& Janes, get fit, have fun and

make a difference!  Just do as

many pushups as you can in

90 seconds!


At the last event, the Mackay Police Team were the victors...

the Mackay Fire Officers, no doubt would love to reign this year! 


The Challenge is also open to the public (regular Joes & Janes)!


Take the Challenge yourself, or donate to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or simply come out and watch the as the opening event to "Mackay's Biggest Bootcamp" on Sunday May 18th, 2014 at 9.00am at Mackay Stadium.


If you wish to join our team of "Average Joes", please register here!!


THEN, it's time for our FUN Group Fitness Session!! 


Fill out the form below to register NOW!


YES!!  I want to be participate in "MACKAY'S BIGGEST BOOTCAMP"!
This will be a 40 minute Group Exercise Session held after the Mackay Pushups for Charity Challenge!
All levels of fitness are welcome to attend, and we encourage you to bring your whole family along!
Registrations can be done on the day, but if you are definitely going to attend, please fill out the form to register for "MACKAY'S BIGGEST BOOTCAMP!"
  To Register as a Participant for the 'Pushups for Charity' Challenge,
please click here.